My Skincare Favorites on sale at Hautelook

Two of my favorite, affordable skincare items are available on Hautelook for the next few days, so I thought I’d put up a quick post. Sheet masks (for your face) and the sparkling peeling gel are two things that I use regularly.

Sheet Masks

sheet-maskI love sheet masks. It’s an easy way to relax for a few minutes, and they’re not nearly as messy as the face masks where you have to paint stuff on your face and let it dry. Here are the steps for using a sheet mask:

  • Open the pouch
  • Unfold the mask
  • Place it on your face
  • Wait 15-20 min
  • Remove the mask and massage any remaining serum into your skin

There’s a huge price range for sheet masks, but I usually wait until the Korean Beauty masks appear on hautelook and buy them for a good price. Today, they’re on sale for a dollar a mask. I’ve seen them as low as 75 cents per mask. I took several sheet masks with me on my business trip and used them every other evening. I’d put on the mask and lay down for the 15-20 minutes…it was so relaxing!

Sparkling Peeling Gel

sparkling-gelThe sparkling peeling gel is now a regular part of my skincare regimen. I use it once a week to exfoliate my face. It’s really simple to use. You rub the product onto your clean, dry face. As you massage, you’ll see and feel the dead skin leaving your face. When finished, wash your face as normal. I do this once a week and my skin has never looked better! I only use a small amount each week, so a tube lasts me a few months.

What is HauteLook?

For those of you who don’t know, Hautelook is a discount website. It’s affiliated with Nordstrom Rack. Every day they have new “events” where a specific brand or category of items becomes available for a certain number of days. The key is patience. Brands will cycle through every few months, so if you missed something it will probably appear again. Also, when you purchase an item it can take up to three weeks to arrive at your house.

Some of their products are great values, while others are not…you just have to pay attention to what you’re buying. I got a NorthFace coat for 60% off the retail price and I love it! They regularly have name-brand clothing, shoes, and cosmetics available. The return policy varies by item and is listed on the item’s description page. I purchased a lovely pair of shoes a few months ago, but they didn’t fit quite right. I was able to walk into my local Nordstrom Rack and return them with no issue!

Business Trip Packing – Cosmetics/Skincare


I spent most of the month of November in Dallas. It was my longest business trip to date. Packing was a feat because I needed plenty of professional outfits, but I also needed casual attire. When you combine that with cosmetics, skin care, shoes, and accessories…it can be tough to get it all into luggage that is manageable.

I divided my packing video into categories of items, and I’ll be showing you a new category every few days. The cosmetics/skincare packing was a bit of a challenge. The trip was too long to use the travel size version of several things, and the full-size items added extra weight. Plus, the trip was too long to ignore my full skincare regimen, so I had a lot more items than I would pack for a week-long vacation.

To store my cosmetics/skincare/hair care I used an old cosmetic roll-up from Mary Kay and a zipper bag from Ikea. I have a bunch of other options for storing these items, which I’ll show you in another post, but this combo worked very well for this particular trip.

Check out the video if you’d like to see what I packed for cosmetics and skincare!