My Planner Set-Up for 2017

Hello! I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted here, but life takes precedence over the internet. We’re most of the way through the second month of 2017, but I wanted to share the systems I chose for staying organized this year. I filmed a quick video overview of the three items I’m using. I hope to film an in-depth look at how I use bullet journaling for my daily plans, but for now you get the quick look!

I’m also using a goal-setting workbook by Laura Casey. I have big plans for the year, but I have a hard time breaking down my goals into manageable steps. This workbook helps with that process and I love it!

I also keep a separate planner for work. Each year I have to write my performance review and note any new tasks. It can be difficult to remember all the little things I do in a year, so I’ve developed a habit of writing everything down in a central location. I refer back to the planner when writing my review in September.

The video covers the name brands and some examples of how I use my planner system. What methods do you use for schedule organization?