Moving is change and change is life

I moved last month – hence why I announced my return to blogging and then did not post for nearly two months. I’ve never met a person who said moving was easy, but there were plenty of things I could’ve done to make the process easier.

Here are a few things I figured out during the process (disclaimer, I’m a single individual with a full-time job and roommates – these tips might not work for you):

Pre-pack when you start thinking about moving

I started entertaining the idea of moving a few months before I actually moved. I packed a few boxes and stacked them in a corner long before I found a new place to live. In hindsight, I wished I’d packed even more. There are plenty of things in our homes that we can live without for awhile, so when you start thinking about moving, pack up all the things you don’t need for everyday survival. Worst case, if you pack up a bunch of stuff and don’t end up moving, you know you can live without the stuff and might consider getting rid of it. Best case, you have a lot less work to do when you actually find a new place.

Get rid of stuff

We have too much stuff. When packing, I found stuff in the back of my closet that I hadn’t seen in four years. It went straight to the donate pile. If I hadn’t touched it in four years, I didn’t need to keep it. I also got rid of six boxes of books. If you know me, you know books are like personal friends. But in this digital age, I chose to discard a bunch of old text books that I thought I’d save for future reference. If I need to reference something, I can most likely find it on the Internet. Don’t be fooled though, I still have six boxes of my FAVORITE books.

Move when you actually have time

I’m a renter and rentals move fast. Thus, when my roommates and I found a place we all liked, we jumped on it. The problem was that we signed a lease during the busiest month of my year. I literally did not have a free weekend or very many free weeknights to actually move my stuff. To make matters worse, my job was incredibly busy and I could not take a day off. It was exhausting to spend every free moment packing and moving for weeks on end. If you have the option, pick a time to move when you actually have space in your calendar to get things done.

Make use of your commute

Since I did not have a dedicated moving day, I opted to take many trips in my car to move stuff rather than renting a truck. I borrowed a pick-up truck one time to move my big furniture, but everything else fit in my little hatchback. I would load up my car at the old house in the evening, sleep, and then unload the stuff the next morning on my way to work or over my lunch break. I tried my best to avoid extraneous driving/wasting gas. In an area where traffic can be a nightmare, this plan worked well. I never drove past my old house or the new one without loading or unloading for several weeks.


I’m sure I’ll have more posts related to moving/living with roommates, and I’ll be sure to share.