About The Introvert

Hi! I’m K.B. Welcome to the site where I share lots of different things, but mostly snippets of my life story. I learn best through stories, and I find that they’re also the easiest way for me to communicate. I want to share what I know, and I hope you’ll enjoy and maybe find some food for thought.

I’m interested in things related to photography, cooking, reading, beauty products, home decor, and a healthy lifestyle. Odds are, you’ll find posts about all those things on this site from time to time.

Maybe you’re wondering about the odd name for this site? Well, my family will tell you that I have a unique way of saying “fan TAAAST ic.” I’m also an introvert, who is not shy, but I tend to express myself best through the written word. I may re-charge my batteries from being alone, but I love people and sharing life’s little joys with them makes me smile.

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