Gift Idea for Movie Fans!

I enjoy going to the movies, but they’re expensive. I’m not a super fan, but I enjoy the entertainment. Every year I struggle to choose which movies I’ll see in theaters and which will have to wait until dvd release.

This year, thanks to a friend who told me about MoviePass, I don’t have to choose! For the low price of $9.99 a month, you can see a 2D movie every day. I have no intention of seeing 30 movies in a month, but if I see even two movies in a month I’m saving money!

When I first heard about MoviePass, I thought it was too good to be true. But my friends used MoviePass with success, so I ordered my card. The first time I went to the theater I was convinced that something would go wrong…but everything was great!

How it works:
1). Go to the MoviePass website and click “Sign Up.”
2). Purchase a plan and they mail you a customized card.
3). Once you receive the card, download the MoviePass app and activate your card. – Make sure your location services are activated for the app.
4). Get to the theater!
5). Once you’re there, (I usually do this step in the parking lot) open the app and select the theater.
6) Select the showtime of the movie you want to see.
7) Wait a few seconds until you see the “Success!” message.
8) Go into the theater and purchase your ticket using your MoviePass card – it works like a credit card.
9) To save money on concessions, make sure you sign up for whatever theater loyalty programs are available!

1). You can’t use the card on sites like Fandango or to pre-purchase tickets.
2). No 3D or Imax movies.
3). You need to make sure there are participating theaters in your area. (all the theaters around me participate)
4). I can’t think of any others!

I personally chose to purchase MoviePass for November, December, and January because those months tend to have the most movie releases that interest me. At that point, I’ll decide whether it’s financially advantageous to continue. So far I’ve seen seven movies and everything has gone smoothly.

The best part? You can gift a subscription to someone who loves movies! It’s a great idea.