The Great Clothing Purge of 2016

I found myself in an interesting position this summer. I used to have lots of clothes, but only wore about 30% of what I owned. But this year, I’d lost 50 pounds and found myself able to wear everything in my closet. I had a ton of clothes and I wore them all…which was great because I could go weeks without doing laundry…but the amount of clothes I owned was overwhelming.

I set about the task of eliminating 40% of my wardrobe. It was actually pretty easy. I started by purging anything that I wore just a few times per year. Then, I discarded any clothes that were close to the end of their life. For everything else, I set a number of each type of clothing I wanted to keep, and I just went through rounds of elimination until I met my goal.

In the end, I got got rid of four large trash bags of clothes!

The result is a wardrobe that is easy to keep organized. Further I’m not spoiled by choice when it’s time to figure out something to wear. I found that I don’t miss anything I purged.

I’m embracing the concept of quality over quantity and so far I’m very happy with the results.

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